How To Buy Minutes In Safaricom | Easily Now

How To Buy Minutes In Safaricom | Easily Now

Safaricom is the mobile network operator company which is the largest telecommunications provider in Kenya.

The telecommunication company earns more profit in the East and Central Africa due to its various affordable offers and high quality services that meets the user needs.

One of the products offered by Safaricom is minutes that many enjoy to call people across all networks.

Perhaps you are stranded on how to buy minutes using your mobile phone. You are in the right place and I will give you the solution to your stress.

The simplest procedure on how to buy minutes in Safaricom is as follows:

Step 1: Dial *444# and press the Safaricom line on your phone.

Step 2: Select option number 2 which is “Buy minutes”.

Step 3: Select the minutes that you want based on the amount of money in your Safaricom line.

Step 4: A message will be sent in a few seconds showing the purchase of tunukiwa minutes.

This procedure can also be used on how to buy monthly minutes on Safaricom.

I hope you have gotten the solution to your question on how to buy minutes in Safaricom.

Safaricom Minutes Offers

Safaricom offers its minutes in a variety if ways such as:

1. Safaricom Tunukiwa minutes for example:Ksh.20 for 20minutes valid till midnight.

2. All in one monthly bundles which comprises of bundles and minutes such as: Ksh.1,000 for 5Gb + Free WhatsApp or 200 minutes, 4Gb+ Free WhatsApp or 400 minutes,1 Gb + Free WhatsApp.

3. Safaricom Flex Offers such as Daily Flex for Ksh.99 offering 115 Flex Units valid for 24 hours.

4. Safaricom Platinum 1k for example Ksh.1,000 for Platinum +1K + Free WhatsApp  to get 300 minutes and 5Gb Data.

5. Post pay offers such as Ksh.1,000 for 5Gb,400 minutes and Unlimited SMS.

6. Zidisha plus voice bundles for example Ksh.500 bundle gives you a rate of ksh.3 per minute for Safaricom calls.


Safaricom minutes have really played a vital role in the modern communication where people communicate freely via calls. This makes people fully satisfied with the long conversations thus Safaricom is the best mobile network.

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