How To Buy SMS Bundles | Safaricom, Airtel & Telkom Now

How To Buy SMS Bundles | Safaricom, Airtel & Telkom Now

An sms bundle is collection of messages put together and bought as one at a pocket friendly cost.

Sms bundles are cost effective than direct calls. The bundles are mostly suitable for individuals engaged activities involving sending of bulk messages.

Individuals can use any of the available network platforms, of their own preferences to send messages. 

Are you wondering on how to buy to buy sms bundles? All the platforms give access to active subscriptions of different sms bundles.

Learn how to buy sms bundles from Safaricom, Airtel, and Telkom.

Buy Safaricom SMS Bundles

This is how to buy Safaricom sms bundles:

Step 1. Dial the USSD Code *188#

Step 2. Choose from the provided sms bundles a suitable one for you

Step 3. Select whether you want to ‘buy once’ or ‘auto renew’

Auto renew means the sms will automatically be purchase from your airtime after the expiry of the bundle you have just purchased.

Step 4. Send and wait for a confirmation message

Safaricom SMS Bundles Choices

The available bundles include;

20 SMS- Ksh. 5 daily

200 SM- Ksh. 10 daily

500 SMS- Ksh. 20 daily

400 SMS- Ksh. 30 weekly

700 SMS- Ksh. 50 weekly

1500 SMS Ksh. 100 monthly

3500 SMS at Ksh. 200 monthly

In case you select ‘autorenew’ you have to unsubscribe from the system to stop the purchase. Otherwise, the system will always buy the bundles for you.

To stop auto renew in case you had subscribe simply dial *188*6#

To check SMS Bundle balance dial *188*5#

Buy SMS Bundles For Another Number Safaricom

Safaricom also allows you to purchase bundle for another number as follows;

Step 1. Dial *188*4#

Step 2. Choose the sms bundles desired considering the validity period.

Step 3. Enter the intended phone number

Step 4. Confirm the purchase and send.

Step. Wait for an sms confirming the purchase.

Buy Airtel SMS Bundles

Once you have an active airtel bundle you can chart airtel to airtel for free, and airtel to other networks at Ksh. 0.6 per sms.

This is how to buy sms bundles on Airtel line:

Step 1. Dial *370#

Step 2. Select suitable sms bundles minding expiry period and amount charged.

Step 3. Send and wait for a message confirming the purchase

Airtel SMS Bundle Choices

The following are the sms bundles you can buy for Airtel

6 sms- Ksh. 3 daily

40 sms- Ksh. 5 daily

250 sms- Ksh. 10 daily

500 sms- Ksh. 20 weedy

1,500 sms- Ksh. 75 Monthly

Buy Telkom SMS Bundles

Telko provides one of the cheapest sms bundles across the communication networks.

This is how to buy sms bndles using Telkom line

Step 1. Dial *188#

Step 2. Select from the provided sms bundles

Step 3. Choose whether you want them to ‘buy once’ or ‘autorenew’

Step 4. Send and wait for confirmation of the purchase

Other methods to purchase the Telkom sms bundle include;

  • Dial *123*3*2# 
  • Use My Telkom app and select SMS Bundles
  • Use Tkash by dialing; *160*5*3#

Telkom Sms Bundles Choices

Telkom sms bundle you can buy include:

50 sms- Ksh. 5 daily (to any network)

250 sms- Ksh. 10 daily (200 sms for Telkom to Telcom and 50 sms for Telcom to other networks)

600 sms- Ksh. 49 Monthly (any network)

Conditions Of Using Sms Bundles

1. Once the sms bundles have been purchased for a particular number, they cannot be transferred to other numbers.

2. Sms bundle can be bought for other near within or without your vicinity.

3. Sms bundles cannot be rolled over after time of validity

4. You can only subscribe to one sms bundle at a go. Unless you are purchasing for other number

5. Make sure the USSD values are correctly keyed in your phone. Otherwise the services will not be granted.


I hope this article helps you work on how to buy sms bundles. Enjoy chatting with family and friends all day long, by subscribing to any sms bundles from any communication network. Larger packages are also suitable for business persons.

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