How To Buy Safaricom Airtime From Fuliza Easily

How To Buy Safaricom Airtime From Fuliza Easily

Safaricom is the leading communication company in the country. Most Kenyans from rural area to urban settlements prefer Safaricom lines. A good number of Safaricom customers own more than one Safaricom line.

Fuliza is an improvised mechanism that can supplement to Kenyan’s financial needs in case of instances of insufficient funds. Fuliza can also be an alternative where timely emergencies require financial solutions.

Are you wondering if it is possible to fuliza Safaricom Airtime? Yes. You can successfully Fuliza and connect with your loved ones. You may also want to know how to Fuliza Safaricom Airtime.

Here are quick steps on how to buy Safaricom Airtime from Fuliza:

Step 1. Access the M-Pesa menu on your mobile phone.

Step 2. Select ‘Lipa na Mpesa’

Step 3. Go to Pay Bill number option.

Step 4. Enter the Safaricom business number.  The Business No. is 737373.

Step 5.  Enter your number as the account number. For instance, 07xxxxxxxx

Step 6.  Enter the amount of Airtime you wish to buy.

Step 7.  Enter your PIN number and click send.

Step 8. Wait for a notification from Safaricom confirming the successful purchase of the airtime. You will also receive another message from Mpesa notifying you on the Mpesa Fuliza balance.

Alternatively, you can dial *234# for Fuliza options

Must Know Safaricom Fuliza Conditions

The validity of the transaction can be confirmed by 25 seconds time allowance, for you to allow the transaction to be confirmed.

In case you are not sure, Safaricom allows you cancel the process by sending any number or letter if before the 25 seconds elapse.

I assure you that, you can fuliza Safaricom Airtime as many times as possible. As long as you range within the Fuliza limit granted by Safaricom.


With all the provided information in this article, I hope you can you find an answer to your financial insufficiency. Get connected to your loved ones with Safaricom and don’t miss on the Procedure on how to fuliza Safaricom Airtime

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