How To Buy Voice Bundles On Telkom | Easily Right Now

How To Buy Voice Bundles On Telkom | Easily Right Now

Telkom is one of the Kenyan networks that quite fast and affordable.

The telecom company has various offers compared to other networks therefore an added advantage.

Telkom Voice Bundles have been revamped recently thus very efficient for communication across all networks.

Telkom Voice bundles can be used to call any national network within the boarders of South Africa.

Telkom voice bundles are valid for thirty one days and are charged per second of every call that one makes.

You can purchase as once-off or recurring bundles in your mobile phone.

Let me show you the procedure of how to buy voice bundles on Telkom.

Step 1: Dial *544# and press the Telkom line on your mobile phone.

Step 2: Select your preferred bundle which either lasts for either 24hours, weekly basis, or 30days.

Step 3: If you are a subscriber you will earn bonus from being one of Telkom’s loyal customers.

This the easiest step that you can use to purchase Telkom voice bundles.

Telkom Minutes Offers

Telkom has good minutes offers that are really liked by the majority since it is long lasting.

Telkom offers minutes across all network and Telkom to Telkom minutes.

Here is the Telkom Minutes Offers just for you.

a. 10 minutes across any network at Ksh.20 valid for 24 hours.

b. 30 minutes across any network at Ksh.50 valid for 24hours.

c. 66 minutes any network at Ksh 100 for 24hours.

d. 333 minutes across any network for Ksh.500.

e. 100 minutes Telkom to Telkom calls at Ksh.20.

You may also wish to know how to buy 100 minutes from Telkom. It is as easy as abc.

Simply  subscribe to power bundles by dialing *10# and you will see 100 minutes Telkom to Telkom calls valid for 24hours.


Telkom Voice bundles has helped many people to communicate for a long time at a lower cost. This makes Telkom a highly regarded Kenya network with various advantages that favors the majority.

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