How To Buy Voice Bundles On Airtel | Right Now Easily

How To Buy Voice Bundles On Airtel | Right Now Easily

Airtel Voice Bundles is the Airtel package that is mainly designed to meet your voice and data needs as a single unit.

Voice bundles plays a vital role in giving you more talk time and data allowances based on whether you are a heavy voice user or data user.

Besides, Airtel free minutes to other networks is offered by Airtel so that one can not be limited from talking to people with other networks such as Safaricom, Telkom, among others.

Below is the easiest procedure of how to buy voice bundles on Airtel:

Step 1: Dial *544# using your mobile phone.

Step 2: Select your desired voice bundle such as daily, weekly or monthly.

Step 3: Choose your preferred offer such as 100 minutes for Ksh.200.

Step 4: Select the method of payment.

Step 5: An automatic message will be sent to you showing that you have successfully purchased the voice bundle.

With this procedure you will be fully satisfied when doing the purchase of voice bundles on Airtel line.

You may also want to know how to buy Airtel minutes to call other networks rather than only calling Airtel to Airtel network.

Airtel minutes to other networks is always charged at Ksh.1 per minute. To enjoy this, simply dial *544# and select the preferred minutes choice.

Airtel Customer Care

Sometimes you may experience difficulties in purchasing Airtel products.

You should not worry more about it since there is Airtel Customer care that is always available to serve you at their level best.

Besides, the call is always free of charge thus no worrying about the charges.

Airtel Customer Care Number is 100 or 0733100100

Simply dial the number on your phone and you will be linked to the available support staff.


To sum up, Airtel has highly revamped the voice bundles by introducing tubonge which caters for all the minutes across any other networks and Airtel to Airtel network. Besides, these services are charged at an affordable cost therefore benefits the majority.

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