How to Check if Mpesa Line is Aggregated | Precise Guideline

An aggregated Mpesa line can maintain your Mpesa float by topping it up whenever it falls below a certain level and removing the surplus. It enables you to receive your commission directly from Safaricom.

Do you want to find out if your Mpesa lines have been aggregated? You can find out if your Mpesa line is aggregated or not by following some protocol methods that I’ll show you in this article.

Here is a guide on how to check if an Mpesa line is aggregated:

  1. Visit the Safaricom dealers near you.
  2. Make an inquiry at the reception.
  3. You are given an appointment to see the M-Pesa agent administrator.
  4. Request for your Mpesa agent line check-up.
  5. You are given an Mpesa agent till line.

You can as well directly contact authorized Safaricom dealers who will direct you on what to do. This is how you know if the Mpesa line is aggregated.

Once your Mpesa agent line is dormant, it is blocked and given to another person. A Mpesa agent line that is blocked cannot access any Mpesa services that you used to offer, thus making a huge loss.

Where to Buy Aggregated Mpesa Lines

Aggregated Mpesa lines for sale in Kenya are found in Safaricom shops, Jiji, Jumia, and Kilimall, among other places. These lines are also given with Mpesa books where you write your customers’ details, including their identification cards numbers. They are used to keep records.


To sum up, aggregated Mpesa lines have benefitted the Mpesa agents sector as they have unique features in maintaining your float. Besides, you are able to have a direct commission from Safaricom, which makes it even more advantageous as withdrawals of your commission can be done with ease.

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