How to Check Title Deed Online in Kenya | Solved & Explained!

Due to the invention of upgraded technology in the modern world, many activities can be done online in the comfort of your home. This online world has brought more benefits to people as it saves them on time and money, among other things. Besides, life has become smoother as people are able to self-serve instead of queuing up to get help from other people.

Are you looking for how you can check your title deed online in Kenya? Well, I’ve got you covered in this article.

Here is the procedure on how to check a title deed online in Kenya:

  1. Log in to the eCitizen portal.
  2. Click the Ministry of Land, Housing, and Urban Development on your device.
  3. Select the resource tab found on the drop-down menu.
  4. Click on the media center and the news tab.
  5. Click download the 4 documents (batch 1-4).
  6. Open the documents.
  7. Confirm the details of your land title deed.
  8. Print your land title deed to acquire a hard copy.

This is how to check land ownership online using your devices such as mobile phones, tablets, laptops, among others. Title deed searching is as simple as ABC, especially when done online. 


In the final analysis, checking the land title deed online is the best option for you. All you require is an internet connection. Besides, you can access your land title deed from any place without being limited. You can as well decide to conduct your title deed search manually by visiting the Ministry of Lands headquarters where you will be served. However, doing it manually consumes more time and also requires cash.

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