How to Get a Deed Plan in Kenya | Variety of Deed Plans

Deed plans are simply drawings or attachments found in a title deed showing boundaries that you may encounter on your land. Deed plans make it more specific for you to know more about the structure of your land. There are different types of deed plans that I would like you to be aware of:

  1. Quitclaim deed.
  2. Mortgage deed.
  3. Warranty deed.
  4. Bargain and sell deed.
  5. Grant deed.

New title deeds in Kenya have got deed plans, and for that reason, I am going to show you how to get a deed plan in Kenya:

  1. Possess the official land title deed search in Kenya as it indicates the owner of the land.
  2. Apply for a deed plan at the ministry of lands and physical planning headquarters.
  3. Fill in the deed plan application forms.
  4. Provide a duly filled application form for an official land search.
  5. Submit proof of land ownership.
  6. An original and a copy of your national identity card.
  7. Provide a foreign national registration certificate if you are a foreigner residing in Kenya.
  8. Passport-size photos.
  9. Pay the required fees for the processing of your deed plan to commence.
  10. After a while, you will pick up your deed plan in the Ministry of Lands and Physical Planning headquarters.

I hope you now have an idea of how to get a deed plan in Kenya.

Are you curious about how much it costs to get a title deed in Kenya? It costs an average of Ksh. 10,000 to acquire a land title deed in Kenya.

You may wish to know about land allotment letter format. In Kenya a letter is issued to a person granting him or her land under certain conditions, mostly when leasing rent to a person or government.


Getting a deed plan in Kenya is very simple when you follow the right legal procedure. Do not forget to involve a lawyer as they are the legal advisor needed in a land deed plan application.

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