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Land maps in Kenya have really brought more good than harm to society at large. Land maps are very essential in the formation of policies, planning, development, and management of resources. Besides, it is important to have a land map during the selling of your land, as it gives the buyer an overview of the place where he or she is going to buy.

Land registries in Kenya mainly show the old and new numbers for parcels of land within a registration unit.

Procedure on How to Get Land Map in Kenya

Let me take you through the procedure on how to get  land map in Kenya:

  1. Make a request for a folio registry number search.
  2. Make payments for the folio registry number search.
  3. Submit the payment receipt for the folio search.
  4. Confirm the availability of land map plans.
  5. Pay for the land map that you requested.
  6. Obtain your land map.

This is how to get land survey maps in Kenya without any complications.

Are you worried about where to get land maps? You can get your land maps from Valley Maps Surveyor in Eldoret and Survey of Kenya as it is where to buy maps in Nairobi.

Map revision in Kenya is also done to review the planning, designing, compiling and drawing of the land maps without errors.

Land Search Requirements

You also need to be aware of the land search requirements in Kenya, which include:

  1. Your KRA pin.
  2. Land title deed number.
  3. An active eCitizen account.
  4. Land search fee of Ksh.500.

You must have these requirements for the land searching process to proceed.


To summarize, land maps in Kenya have played a vital role in the development of industries in Kenya, making the country earn more cash and thus improve the living standards of Kenyans. Besides, people are able to know the type of land they are buying and what’s best for that land so it will thrive well.

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