How to Get a MasterCard in Kenya Faster Now

Do you know what a MasterCard is? A MasterCard is an electronic payment card that uses a network for processing transaction communications. For the purchase of merchandise, a MasterCard is usually used by merchants, as it is a more efficient means of payment.

You can get yourself a MasterCard from a bank or any other company that issues MasterCards. Let me show you how to get a MasterCard in Kenya.

Procedure on How to Get a MasterCard

If you are wondering how to obtain a MasterCard in Kenya, then the following guideline is perfect for you:

  1. Visit the official website of the bank that you want to get your MasterCard from.
  2. Click “apply now” to make your application.
  3. Fill in the application form correctly.
  4. Upload all the required documents.
  5. Create a profile.
  6. Make the necessary payments.
  7. Wait for the email from the bank.
  8. If your application is accepted, wait for the MasterCard to be processed.
  9. When it is due, you will pick up your MasterCard from the bank where you applied.

This is the easiest way to apply for a MasterCard online. Besides, KCB MasterCard applications can also be done using the given procedure.

Are you wondering where to get a MasterCard in Kenya? Guarantee Trust Bank and KCB Bank are some of the places in Kenya that process MasterCards.

MasterCard Application Checklist

These are the requirements needed for you obtain a MasterCard in Kenya:

  1. Your source of income.
  2. A social security number.
  3. Good credit.
  4. National Identity card.
  5. Your email address.
  6. Employment letter.

Benefits of a Mastercard

A MasterCard has many benefits for its users. Some of these benefits include the following:

  • Zero liability protection.
  • Mastercard global services.
  • Mastercard ID theft protection.
  • Shop runner membership.


In summary, MasterCard’s are more efficient methods of payment around the globe. They ease transactions of huge amounts of money without theft. Besides, applying for a MasterCard is very simple when you follow the right procedure.

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