How To Organize Your Salary In Kenya Wisely & Better

How To Organize Your Salary In Kenya Wisely & Better

Many a times, people earn different amount of salaries. You might find a guy earning about a million shillings but spends all of it within the first two weeks.

The money can be spent without doing anything important.

The most important thing is how you manage the little you have earned. Today you will be able to know how to organize your salary in Kenya.

Are you searching for How to budget salary monthly. If that is the case then you are at the very right place. This is how to organize your salary in Kenya:

Use the 30/20/50 rule always, this is what I mean

30% of your salary should be spent on your wants including luxury items, leisure etc

20% of your salary should be taken to savings

50% of the earnings should be spent on basic needs

The 30/20/50 rule is the best rule of planning for your expenditure. This rule has helped many in terms of budgeting for their salaries. 

With this system, all needs are covered from the most important to the least important.

Whatever you earn doesn’t matter what matters is how you spend what you earn.

How to budget your salary in Kenya also depends on the needs you have.

It is sometimes very normal for one to earn less than what he or she needs to spent.

How to plan your monthly salary is very important. What needs to ring into your mind is that after the pay, that is if you are depending on your job salary alone, you have to wait for the next month so that you can earn again.

Here comes the importance of planning your monthly salary.

Let me hope that I have instilled some little knowledge on salary management to you. If you never knew how you can do the management, then I am sure that now you have the enough knowledge of the same.

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