How to Plant Okra in Kenya | 10 Steps to Follow

The okra plant is well-known for its great nutritional value. It is mostly used as a vegetable, and its seeds are used in thickening soups and stews, making it an ingredient when it comes to food preparations.

The okra plant is rarely found in the country since it requires a specific planting method and thrives in hot weather.

10 Steps for How to Plant Okra

Here are the steps for how to plant okra in Kenya:

  1. Prepare the land 2 months before planting to ensure decomposition of organic matter.
  2. Prepare nursery beds where you will temporarily plant the okra seeds.
  3. You can directly sow okra seeds or soak them in water overnight before planting to speed up the germination process.
  4. Transplant of the okra plant to the field where you have done a spacing of 50 by 30 cm between rows.
  5. Planting holes should be an average of 2 cm deep.
  6. Irrigation should be carried out regularly for the first 3 months.
  7. Control pests and diseases that may affect your okra plant.
  8. Control weeds to ensure the healthy growth of okra plants.
  9. Do intercropping so as to ensure a continuous supply of nutrients on the farm.
  10. Harvest your okra crops after 55 to 60 days of transplanting.

This is how you easily plant okra in Kenya.

Okra Prices in Kenya

Okra prices in Kenya are determined in terms of quality and quantity in kg in the okra market.

The price of okra per kg in Kenya range from Ksh. 180 to Ksh. 300.

You may also like to know the price of okra seeds in Kenya, which is an average of Ksh. 400 per packet.


Okra plants, commonly known as ladyfingers, play a vital role in one’s health as they are highly nutritious. Besides, growing okra plants in Kenya is very easy and its harvest will fetch you high profits after selling them.

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