How To Start A Business In Kenya As A Foreigner | Easily

How To Start A Business In Kenya As A Foreigner | Easily

Business opportunities in Kenya for foreigners are very many which basically earn higher profits. In Kenya, business world makes dreams come true for very many individuals who are passionate about business.

Business permit for foreigners are always well prepared so as to avoid disturbances by the Kenyan government. This helps these businesses to be registered and also pay tax to the government thus a big source of revenue in Kenya.

Without delays, let me show you the procedure on how to start a business in Kenya as a foreigner:

Step 1: Choose the name of the business you want to start.

Step 2: Register your eCitizen portal in order to register your business online.

Step 3: Fill in all the required information in the portal.

Step 4: Generation of BN2 form that you sign and scan.

Step 5: Scan your ID or passport and a color sized passport photo which shows your image.

Step 6: Wait for the business permit after a while which enables you to start any legal business in Kenya.

All this process is done online and ensure all the information that you fill is honest to avoid complications with the government.

Legal Requirements For Starting A Business In Kenya

You may also desire to know the legal requirements for starting a business in Kenya which are as follows:

1. Registration of a company or a business name which you want to start.

2. Business permit which is legit from the city council.

3. Food and Health permits.

4. Have a fire safety certificate.

This will help you business be acknowledgeable in the country.

Requirements To Register A Company In Kenya

To register a company in Kenya is very simple. The following requirements are needed:

1. Proposed company names.

2. Company’s objectives.

3. Legit names of the shareholders.

4. Directors names.

5. Contact information for both the directors and the shareholders.

6. Number of shares to be divided.

7. Email Address for the company.

8. Tax PIN certificates for shareholders and directors.

9. Copies of ID or passports for the directors and shareholders.

10. Physical address of the company such as the plot number, road, among others.

Having these requirements, you can successfully register your company in Kenya.


Foreigners are able to start their businesses in Kenya without worrying about anything. Foreigner businesses have boosted the Kenyan economy with a higher percentage and are highly welcome.

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