How To Start A Logistic Company In Kenya Easily Today

How To Start A Logistic Company In Kenya Easily Today

Logistic Company mainly deals with the movement of goods from their origin to their consumption area. This business is good to venture into as it is in high demand due to its scarcity leading to a minimum competition. This leads to higher profits at the end.

For a beginner I would advise you to start a small scale logistic business and see how it is going to favor you. After the business picks, you can invest more in it making it a large scale logistic business.

Whether you wish to start a transport business with one truck or a fleet of truck, the process is similar.

Perhaps you are curious to know how to start a transportation business with one truck. I got you covered as I will show the simple steps that will work well for you.

Below is the procedure on how to start a logistic company in Kenya:

Step 1: Write down an effective logistics business plan that will act as your framework in your business.

Step 2: Conduct a thorough market research in order to know your market and check whether it is worth investing in or not.

Step 3: Have a strong connection with the industry in order to be more reliable and efficient.

Step 4: Put your funding together that is well budgeted for in order to prevent overspending on unnecessary staff.

Step 5: Purchasing of equipment and vehicles that can transport cargo from one place to another more efficient. You can as well rent the equipment in order to save more before buying your own.

Step 6: Protect your credit record so that you can be able to obtain funds from anywhere as you will be trusted.

Step 7: Obtain licenses and permits by registering the business name to make it a legal entity in Kenya.

Step 8: Acquire the business insurance that will cater for the risks that the business will face in future.

Step 9: Market your business by mainly advertising your services in newspapers, televisions, radios, among others.This will make your business famous.

Step 10:  Getting contracts and this is mainly done by showing clients that you are more competent and experienced.

Step 11: Have reliable suppliers that will always be effective in your business.

I wish you the very best as you start your  logistic company in Kenya.

More Transports Business Ideas

You may as well be interested in knowing the transport business ideas in Kenya which include:

1. Lorry transport business in Kenya.

2. Cargo transport business in Kenya.

3. Center transport business in Kenya.

Logistic Company Examples

The following are some of the popular successful logistic company in Kenya:

a. Master Link Experience Kenya.

b. Octa Transporters.

c. Vintage group.

d. Hellmann perishable logistics.

e. Sheffield Cargo Logistics Company.


In brief, starting a logistic company in Kenya is a very lucrative business idea that will work well for you if you have done a proper planning and have enough capital for the start.

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