Quality Analyst Salary In Kenya | New Earnings

Quality Analyst Salary In Kenya | New Earnings

Consumers satisfaction is the basis of all of production as this creates opportunities for profit generation. This calls upon hiring of Quality Analyst in the organization who are responsible in:

1. Designing and ensuring whether the quality retirements corresponds to the organization’s policies.

2. Implementing plans and fixing of errors

3. Collecting all essential statistics required for analysis in order to determine defects.

4. Providing knowledge to new employees.

5. Possessing knowledge in Quality Assurance testing tools.

6. Providing solutions to various quality issues, among others.

How much do quality analysts make? Quality Analyst salary is average of Ksh.120,000 per month including all monthly allowances such as housing, medical,transport,among other benefits.

Skills Required For Quality Analysts

Are you inquisitive on what are the skills required for quality analyst? Required skills include:

a. Problem Solving Skills

You should be able to solve mathematical problems based on the quality analysis and come up with solutions.

b. Communication Skills

You should be able to communicate both orally and verbally for effective communication in the organization.

c. Computer Skills

By having either a degree in Computer Science or a related discipline and several years working experience.

d. Leadership Skills

You should be able to work as an effective leader thus a role model in the organization.

e. Decision Making Skills

You should be able to make right choices based on the quality analysis data.

f. Management Skills

You should be able to handle the tasks given in a responsible manner.

g. Creativity Skills

You should be creative enough in project designing in order to come up with a quality standard of a product.

Quality Analyst Jobs In Kenya

Job vacancies for quality analysts include:

1. Quality Analyst at Samasource in Nairobi.

2. In- Process Quality Assurance Analyst in Corporate Staffing.

3. Quality Assurance Analyst at KCB Bank, Nairobi.

4. Quality Assurance Lead,Sama.

5. Software Quality Assurance Analyst at KCB Bank.

6. Quality Analyst at Momentum Credit.

7. Intermediate Quality Analyst at I&M Bank Limited.

8. Software Test Analyst at Tezza Business Solutions LLC.

9. Quality Analyst at Diageo.

10. Call Centre Quality Assurance Analyst at Watu, Mombasa

11. Software Quality Assurance Analyst at Pula.

12. Test Analyst at Komaza Forestry Limited.

13. Quality Assurance Analyst at Jenga.

14. Quality Analyst at Bamburi Cement LTD.


To conclude, Quality Analyst plays a vital role in various organization to ensure its success. Enroll today for quality analyst course in your institution of choice and watch your dreams come true in future.

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