Quality Control Salary In Kenya | New Pay

Quality Control Salary In Kenya | New Pay

Quality of a product determines the demand of the product by the market.

Product companies employ qualified quality control personnel that tends to ensure product quality is maintained and improved by involving testing units which determine whether the product is within the specifications.

Have you ever wondered how much does a quality control officer earn? A quality control officer salary in Kenya ranges from as low as Ksh.68,000 to as high as Ksh.250,000 per month including all allowances such as housing, transport, medical, and other benefits.

Is qc a good job? Yes, quality control (qc) is among the top jobs in Kenya that is in high demand with many organization offering a position for the job post. Besides, the success behind an organization is through quality control making a qc job a good job.

Qualifications To Be A Quality Control

In order to qualify for quality control jobs, you ought to possess these qualifications:

1. A four year degree from an accredited College

2. Two years working experience.

3. Have knowledge of Sophisticated Equipment.

4. Pursue Certifications that shows competency in Quality Control.

Quality Control Degree Courses In Kenya

Are you looking for what degree is needed for quality control? Degree courses needed for quality control include:

a. Bachelor of Supply Chain Management Module.

b. Bachelor of Procurement and Supply Chain Management at Raira University.

c. Course in Supply Chain and Operations Management (CISCOM).

d. Bachelor of Marketing Management.

e. Human Resource Management.

f. These courses can be done in various institutions.

Quality Control Jobs In Kenya

Below is a list of quality control jobs today that you can apply:

1. Quality Controller at International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC)

2. Officer, Quality control at Kenya Bureau of Standards.

3. Quality Control Manager at Melvin Marsh International.

4. Quality Control Officer at Focus Clinical and Diagnostic Center.

5. Quality Control Manager at Melvins Tea.

6. Quality Controller at Precision Plastic Limited.

7. Quality Control Specialist at Kwikbasket, Nairobi.

8. Quality Control Chemist in Nairobi.

9. Quality Control Officer at Moko Furniture.

10. Quality Inspector – Road construction at Africa on Jobs.

11. Quality Controller at Corporatestaffing, Nairobi.

12. Quality Control Officer at KEMRI.


Quality Control is a career that is worth studying due to the various employment opportunities in the country. Besides, one gets a permanent job that pays well at the end of the month inclusive of all allowances.

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