Quality Assurance Salary In Kenya | New Update

Quality Assurance Salary In Kenya | New Update

Quality Assurance in a Manufacturing company is so important in that it prevents mistakes and defects in manufactured products.

These profession plays a key role in ensuring customers satisfaction in terms of quality in order to generate more sales of the products.

The success behind customer product satisfaction has been achieved through a Quality Assurance Personnel in that organization.

Are you looking for how much do quality assurance earn? Quality Assurance salary in Kenya is an average range of Ksh.69,000 to Ksh.300,000 per month including all the allowances such as housing, medical, transport, among other benefits.

Salary Of Quality Assurance Officer In Kenya

Quality Assurance Officer plays a key role in ensuring administration and accurate records and storage of Quality Assurance (QA) documents.

Quality Assurance Officer earns an average of Ksh.265,000 on a monthly basis. This is an average salary that is inclusive of all benefit packages.

Quality Assurance Manager Salary In Kenya

They develop and safeguard quality standards in the company.

Quality Assurance Manager earns an average of Ksh.150,000 per month including all allowances.

Top 3 Skills For Quality Assurance Specialist

Are you wondering what are the top 3 Skills for quality assurance specialist? The top 3 Skills you must possess for a quality assurance specialist include:

1. Leadership Skills

You should be a good leader who leads others in the correct manner.

2. Organizational Planning Skills

You should be able to plan well and implement strategies that help in achieving the organizational goals.

3. Communication Skills

You should be able to communicate well with the employees in order to avoid inconveniences in the organization.

Quality Assurance Jobs In Kenya

Various job vacancies for quality assurance that you can apply include:

a. Director Software Quality Assurance at BSK Global Technologies Limited.

b. Quality Assurance Lead at Sama,Nairobi.

c. Quality Assurance Job at Zalego Academy.

d. Officer, Quality Assurance at Kenya Bureau Of Standards.

e. Quality Assurance Officer at Jiji.

f. Call Centre Quality Assurance at Jiji Kenya Recruitment Team.

g. In process Quality Assurance Analyst at Corporate staffing, Nairobi.

h. Software Quality Assurance Analyst at KCB Bank, Nairobi.

Secure yourself a job by applying as early as now.


To sum up, Quality Assurance job has brought more good to the production industry as customer’s satisfaction standards are met. In addition, it is a high paying job with various monthly allowances.

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