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Tiles are used majorly for decoration because of their attractiveness and uniqueness. Unlike the past days where people used cow dung and plain cement to plaster the floor, nowadays people use tiles. This is due to advancements of technology and stuff. Every house owner is always after beauty. Nobody would like to welcome a guest in a bad looking house.

There are different types of tiles for different purposes in Kenya today. Our main area today is the floor tiles which are mainly used for decoration of the floor, e.g. the kitchen floor, bathroom floor, parking lot and so many other areas.

There are however different types of floor tiles in Kenya. Some of these have been discussed in this article. Continue reading to find out the best floor tiles for different purposes.

Different Types of Floor Tiles

Granite tiles

Among the most durable, strong and long lasting tiles in the world is granite tiles. It’s durability is very amazing compared to other tiles. Since it comes with different styles, you can get the one of your choice. It’s disadvantage however is that it is very difficult to install.

Slate tiles

Slate tiles are made using metamorphic rocks which makes them strong and durable.  Therefore, it is very convenient in terms of  resisting dents and scratches. Those are among the advantages of slate tiles. Since everything has pros and cons, slate tiles also got cons. Since it is very hard and brittle, when a heavy thing falls on it, the tile will break.

Marble tiles

Marble tiles are among the most expensive tiles. The price is however high due to its elegance beauty and style. Let us briefly talk about its pros and cons.

Pros of marble tiles

  • They are attractive thus contain unique colour and style.
  • They are very strong.
  • Made from natural material.

Cons of marble tiles

  • They are very expensive to buy and install.

Faux wood tiles

Wood tiles carry the day when it comes to beauty. Wood tiles bring about a very magnificent appearance. When light reflects on it, the beauty in the house is unexplainable. For a different home look you can decide to purchase faux wood tiles at very affordable prices.

Cost of Floor Tiles in Kenya

Floor tiles price in Kenya will vary due to a variety of factors. Some of the factors could be like the type of the tile, the material used to make the tile, among others. You can however get the tiles from as low as Ksh.229 as per 250× 500mm.

Tiles wholesale price in Kenya is about Ksh.700 to 3,500 per square foot.

The price for a 600×600 floor tiles start from Ksh.3,569. Most people prefer this type of tile since it covers a large space by only one tile. It’s price also says more about its quality.


In summary, these are some of the different type of floor tiles in Kenya. You are now in a better position to choose the best floor tiles for your next big project. If you have ever dreamt of having a stylish home, then get to buy a tile that will make that change. Good luck.

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