Where to Buy Dye for Clothes in Nairobi Right Now

It has never been anyone’s enjoyment to walk with a faded shirt. Be it a dress, a trouser, a skirt or any other type of cloth. And that is the clear reason why someone decided to invent dye for clothes. Well, dying clothes has now become a common thing, especially for cloth sellers.

There is no need for you to throw away your clothes because they have lost their color. All you have to do is very simple and economical. Just get yourself the dye that suits your cloth and then you are good to go.

Now this brings us to the question of where to buy dye for clothes in Nairobi. There are a lot of places to buy dye for clothes in Nairobi. These include:

  • Coblantra Retail Ltd.
  • Jiji.
  • Desertcart.
  • Tye and Dye.

Dye suppliers in Kenya are available and located in different places. Their responsibility is to ensure that there is no shortage in terms of dye supply in different regions. The dye suppliers also offer their dyes at relatively good prices.

Where to Dye Clothes in Nairobi

Where to dye clothes in Nairobi may also be an area of interest. This type of service is offered in a variety of places. In markets such as Gikomba, you won’t fail to find a place where you can dye your clothes. The service is also very affordable. Eastleigh is also a good place to dye jeans in Nairobi.

Different Types of Dyes

Fabric Dye.

The question of where to buy fabric dye in Nairobi shouldn’t bother you. Fabric dye can be purchased from fabric stores like The Textile Loft, Coblantra Retail Ltd, and also in online shops such as Jumia, Jambo Shop, Jiji, and Desertcart.

Fabric dye price in Kenya is about Ksh. 5,000.

Rit Dye

Where to buy Rit dye in Kenya: Whizz dyes, U Buy, Desertcart, and Texlab Mega are places to buy Rit dye.

Leather Dye

Literally, there are a variety of places to buy leather dye in Nairobi. Azus Leather Limited is one of the most common shops where you can buy leather dye. This is because this shop deals in all kinds of leather products.


I believe that all the answers to your questions were provided appropriately. Since you have a clear understanding of dyes, then you can go ahead and purchase the various dyes mentioned from various places in Kenya. Hopefully, this review has been of great importance to you.

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