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As you know, clothes are a basic need. In day-to-day activities, clothes are very essential as compared to vehicles and other primary needs. This means that everyone has to be at least partially covered for them to run their daily activities.

Clothes will vary, however, due to different things. For instance, there are new clothes, second-hand clothes, baby clothes, men’s and women’s clothes, among other varieties. Also, clothes can be classified as cheap or expensive.

Would you like to know where to buy cheap clothes in Nairobi? If you do, then you are in the very right place.

Places to Buy Cheap Clothes in Nairobi

Cheap clothes in Nairobi can be bought from Gikomba market, Eastleigh, Githurai market, Mr. Price, and Mitumba clothes, among other places.

There are a lot of places to buy wholesale clothes in Nairobi. All you need to have is the type of clothes you want and you are good to go. As you know, the wholesale price is normally cheaper as compared to other prices.

Commonly Asked Questions

Where can I buy Indian clothes in Nairobi?

Amara by Amarsons, and Valdorine Indian fashion are among the places to buy Indian clothes in Nairobi.

You may want to know where to buy maternity clothes in Nairobi.

Everything Maternity Kenya, Bumpy maternity wear Kenya, and mothers and baby shops are just a few shops where you can buy maternity clothes in Nairobi.

Where can I buy baby clothes in Nairobi?

Where to buy cheap baby clothes in Nairobi should not bother you. Shops such as Sunus Baby World, Fab Baby Shop, Millan Baby Shop, and Lil Me Baby Shop are where to buy baby clothes in Nairobi.

Where can I buy dye for clothes in Nairobi?

Meemsab Limited, The Textile Loft, and Coblantra Retail Limited are just a few places where you can buy dye for clothes in Nairobi.


There are many places to get clothes in Nairobi. Markets such as Gikomba and Eastleigh are among the best places in Nairobi to get clothes at very good prices.

Hopefully, this review was helpful to you. I also believe that you have clear clues about clothes and where to get them at cheaper prices in Nairobi. In addition, I hope you got all the answers you were looking for.

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