Industrial Chemistry Salary In Kenya | New Update

Industrial Chemistry Salary In Kenya | New Update

Industrial Chemistry applies physical and chemical processes in transforming raw materials into commercial products that is beneficial to the society.

Industrial chemistry has been so useful in that it has led to growth of industries such as glass, cement, paints, plastics among others. This promotes the Kenyan economy in various ways.

Are you curious to know how much is an industrial chemist paid? An industrial chemist earns a monthly salary of Ksh.88,000 plus all allowances.

Marketability Of Industrial Chemistry In Kenya

Is industrial Chem marketable in Kenya? Yes, industrial Chem is a very marketable course in the modern world due to various upcoming industries in Kenya leading to variety of job opportunities in this sector that employs qualified graduands of this course.

Industrial Chemistry Training In Kenya

Various learning institutions such as universities and colleges offer Bachelor of Science in Industrial Chemistry at affordable fees.

Training duration depends on the education level that one wants to pursue for example a industrial chemistry degree takes four years to complete.

Is industrial chemistry a good course? Yes, industrial chemistry is a good course to pursue in the learning institution due to its high demand in the employment field.

Industrial Chemistry Jobs In Kenya

Some of jobs in this field you can apply include but not limited to:

1. Analytical Chemistry-Kenya Meat Commission, Athi River.

2. Analytical Chemistry-Kenya Revenue Authority (KRA), Nairobi.

3. Quality Control Chemist-Kenafric Industries.

4. Quality Assurance Officer-Nairobi.

5. Quality Analyst Officer-Diageo.

6. Quality Control Officer-Moko Furniture, Nairobi.

7. Research and Development Manager-Haco Industries Kenya Limited.

8. Industrial Attachments at Kenya Revenue Authority (KRA).

9. Chief Chemist Job-Kenya Pipeline Company.

10. Quality Analyst at Bamburi cement, Nairobi.

You make application as soon as you can. Good luck.


Economically, industrial chemistry has played major roles in improving the Kenyan economy. Citizens are able to enjoy very many products such as soaps, sugar and many more thanks to the application of industrial chemistry. Besides, it is a career that has a promising future since it pays well monthly.

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