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Ethanol is basically an organic chemical compound. It is also a simple alcohol that is colorless and has a pungent smell. However, ethanol has some uses that include being used as a solvent, being an additive to automotive gasoline, and also being used as an ingredient in alcoholic products. Those are some common uses of ethanol.

Food grade ethanol in Kenya is very available, even in chemists near you. The term “food grade ethanol” means that the ethanol is very pure and okay for consumption. This means that it is also not prohibited.

You may need to know where to buy ethanol in Nairobi. Well, if that is really the case, then worry less since you are at the right place.

Places to Buy Ethanol in Nairobi

Where to buy ethanol in Nairobi Kenya:

  1. Super Manufacturers Ltd.
  2. Amaris Chemical Solutions.
  3. Brenntag Kenya Limited.
  4. Pan Africa Chemicals Ltd.

These are some of the places to buy ethanol in Nairobi.

Ethanol Price in Kenya

You may be trying to find out the absolute ethanol price in Kenya. The price of ethanol in Kenya varies depending on the quantity. For instance, a litre of ethanol costs about Ksh.85.

That is the average price of ethanol per litre. This means that it is very affordable as compared to other products that can be used for the same purpose as ethanol.

Ethanol production in Kenya has been among the sources of wealth around the country. Due to its production, many people have been able to get employment from it. The production has also helped the government earn some income.


Hopefully, you now have all the answers to your questions. In addition, I believe that this review has provided you with very clear information on where to buy ethanol, including the prices and some of its uses. Let me hope that you are now content.

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