Where to Buy Indian Clothes in Nairobi | Indian Saree Shops

As you know, clothes are a basic need. Each and every individual would require to wear some clothes so as to run their daily routine effectively. There are, however, different types of clothes. Our concern today, however, will be Indian clothes.

There are a lot of Indians in Kenya, and thus a high demand for Indian clothes. This means that their clothes must be sold in shops too. Indian wear in Kenya is normally unique as compared to African wear. 

Are you looking to buy Indians clothes in Kenya? Do you know where to buy these clothes from? Well, if that is your main concern, then you have come to the right site. Let us get started on where to buy Indian clothes in Nairobi.

Here is a list of places where you can buy Indian clothes in Nairobi:

  • Zuana Kenya.
  • Amara By Amarsons.
  • Indian Sari Boutique.
  • Mnazi Shop.
  • Be an Indian Look Good.
  • Urvashee Fashion House Ltd.

These are some of the Indian shops in Nairobi, Kenya where you can purchase Indian clothes.

Alternatively, you can also order the clothes online from some of the online shops in Nairobi and have them delivered at your doorstep. You only need to know your size and the price of the cloth before placing the order.

Indian Saree Shops

There are a lot of Indian saree shops in Nairobi. Some Indian saree boutiques in Nairobi, Kenya include:

  • Indian Sari Boutique.
  • Urvashee Fashion House Ltd.
  • Saree Palace Ltd.

Indian saree prices in Kenya vary depending on the type of clothing you want. The prices are very friendly. Just take the initiative of visiting the place and seeing for yourself. 

If you have a wedding and you are located around Nairobi, just take a chance of visiting Indian bridal shops in Nairobi for the best quality bridal clothing. 

Buy kurtis in Kenya at wholesale prices and enjoy the huge savings that you could spend on the real market price. Alternatively, you can shop online and still get it delivered to you on your doorstep. 


There are a lot of places in Nairobi where you can buy Indian clothes. If you have always admired these types of clothes, then hurry and get yours today from any of the mentioned places. Indian clothes are made using the best quality materials.

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