Where to Buy Purple Tea in Kenya | Awesome Health Benefits

The Camellia sinensis plant produces purple tea. Purple leaf tea is well-known for its health benefits all around the world. Purple tea from Kenya is beneficial for lowering cholesterol, improving blood circulation, maintaining cardiovascular health and lowering heart stress.

If you have any conditions that purple tea may be able to help with, you should buy it.

Let us dive into our topic for today, which is where you can buy purple tea in Kenya. If that is your point of interest, then here are some of the places where you can buy Kenyan purple tea:

  1. Kangaita Tea Factory
  2. Tea Room.
  3. Chai Imara Purple Tea LTD.
  4. Royal Tea Suppliers. 

Consider getting purple tea near you to avoid the hustle of having to travel to far places in order to buy some.

Purchasing purple tea wholesale is also something you should consider. Whether it is for business or personal use, buying it in wholesale terms is much cheaper compared to retail prices. If you are a business person, this means you will end up with higher profits. 

The price of purple tea in Kenya ranges from Ksh.500 to Ksh.900 on an average.

Having purple tea with lemon is just like increasing the flavour content. With these two, you will be able to enjoy the taste and naturalness of the tea. 

Buy organic purple tea today from shops around you, supermarkets and even online shops around the country and enjoy its flavour. 


I hope this review has helped you in terms of where you can buy purple tea in Kenya. It’s now time to improve your health with purple tea without hesitation. Visit any of the places discussed here and buy yourself some purple tea at an affordable price.

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