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The Quran is a holy book mainly used by Muslims. The Quran contains teachings about Allah and the prophets, among other people. It is believed that the Quran was written by the Prophet Muhammad. Just like other religious texts, the Quran is also used in religious ceremonies, rites of passage, marriages, and even in taking oaths in Muslim courts.

The Quran is also very important because it explains the purpose of life, teaches moral and spiritual values, and presents prophets as good examples. 

Your main point of interest and concern may be to know where to buy Quran in Kenya. If that is it, then you are in the right place. I want to assure you that before the end of this article, you will be able to get the answer to your question.

There are very many places across Nairobi where you can buy the Quran. Some of these places are:

  1. Mecca House-Stall 8G.
  2. Mabida Book Shop.
  3. Imam Shafi’i Bookshop & Library.
  4. Nurul Islam Bookshop. 

The availability of Islamic bookshops Nairobi has had a great impact in terms of promoting the Muslim religion. The Islamic bookshops deal in a variety of Islamic books, including Qurans and other religious related books. They also offer the books at very affordable prices.

It is very important that you have at least one religious book for your child or even for your own sake. In the case of your child, it will help them in terms of strengthening their faith in Allah. Take the initiative of visiting the shops and conducting your purchase without hesitation. 

Looking for a place to buy Quran near me is one of the best things and ideas that you can ever think of. This will help you save a lot in terms of transportation costs. You also won’t have to waste a lot of time. 


It is time to purchase your copy of the Quran since you have all the clues on where to find it. Let me hope this review was helpful and that the answers to your questions were appropriately and accordingly provided. Finally, let me believe that they were satisfactory to you. 

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