Where to Buy Weighing Scale in Nairobi | Price, Uses & Types

Ever since the invention of the weighing scale, there have never been any difficulties in terms of measuring the different weights of certain objects. Weighing scales come in different types, manufactured by different companies.

Weighing scales can be used to measure maize in bags, meat in butcheries, and even people’s weights. In laboratories, there are weighing scales used to measure solid chemical weights and so on. Weighing scales also come in different sizes depending on the function. 

Let us get right to our main topic of discussion, and that is where to buy a weighing scale in Nairobi. If that is your concern, then here is a list of some of the places where you can buy a weighing scale:

  1. Scales & Software (K) Ltd.
  2. Infosys Imagic Ltd.
  3. Weigh Tech Industries Limited.
  4. Absolute Scales Ltd.
  5. Grand Scales Kenya Ltd.

The list also shows places where you can buy a weighing machine in Nairobi.

Various Types of Weighing Scales

Manual Weighing Scale

A manual weighing scale price in Kenya is about Ksh. 2,500.

Body Weighing Scale

Body weighing scale prices in Kenya range from Ksh.1,000 to Ksh.2,000. 

Digital Weighing Scale

Digital weighing scale prices in Kenya will vary depending on a variety of factors. Some factors include the function of the scale and the quality of the weighing scale.

Digital weighing scale price in Nairobi is from Ksh.4,000.

 Bathroom Weighing Scale

Bathroom weighing scale price in Kenya is Ksh.1,300. For accurately measuring 150kg. 

Good quality weighing scales can be found at wholesale prices. If you want to purchase the scales, then consider visiting shops that offer the product at a wholesale price. As a matter of fact, wholesale prices are considered cheaper as compared to market prices. 


That is a quick and brief summary of where to buy weighing scales, their types, and prices. Since you have all the details, you can buy weighing scales in Nairobi without hesitation.

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