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Yogurt culture, also known as starter culture, is the key ingredient when making yogurt. Especially for yourself at home. The main cultures are streptococcus and lactobacillus bulgaricus. The cultures have the role of fermenting lactose to produce lactic acid. After fermentation, there is a decrease in PH, causing the milk to clot. The clotting or the soft gel that will appear is now the characteristic of the yogurt. 

Let’s get into what may be your point of interest. That is the question of where to buy yogurt culture in Nairobi. If that is really your point of interest, then this article has got you covered.

Here is a list of a few places where you can buy yogurt culture in Nairobi;

  • Planet Yogurt Junction.
  • Wakulima Dairy Ltd.
  • SNO Cream.
  • Whitecow Greek yogurt.

The mentioned places are also where you can buy live culture in Kenya. 

Get Danisco yoghurt culture at any dairy shop and make a yogurt of your choice, preference, and taste. 

Yogurt Making Business

You may have an interest and/or passion in making yogurt or starting a yogurt company. For this to happen and for you to have the relevant skills, you will need yogurt making training in Kenya.

Here you will be able to learn everything that you require to run the activity. For instance, you will be productive and earn a lot since you have all the necessary knowledge. 

Yogurt Making Machine

In the case of making your work even easier, it is advisable that you get a yogurt making machine in Kenya. The machine can be purchased at a very affordable price. After using the machine for business purposes, you will realize even higher profits as compared to the purchase price of the machine.


Let me hope that everything is now clear and that the knowledge provided has been very helpful to you. Also, let me believe that every answer to your questions was appropriately provided and was satisfactory to you. 

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