A Pharmacist Salary In Kenya | Latest PayScale

A Pharmacist Salary In Kenya | Latest PayScale

Maybe you normally wonder how much is a pharmacist salary in Kenya. If that is the case, you are in the right place since the details are here inclusive of allowances.

A pharmacist is a healthcare profession who focuses on the safe and effective use of medicine. These professions play a very important role in the field of medicine and therefore deserve a good pay.

Pharmacist Salary In Kenya

Salary of a pharmacist in Kenya has variations. The average salary of a pharmacist in Kenya is between Ksh.80,000- Ksh.350,000. Clearly that is a pharmacist salary in Kenya per month.

Bachelor Of Pharmacy Salary

This type of pharmacist may have attained a degree. When that is the level of education, then a bachelor of pharmacist salary is about Ksh. 136,000 per month. The pharmacist salary per month of those who have masters get paid up to Ksh. 219,000 per month. Allowances are included in the salary.

Diploma In Pharmacy Salary In Kenya

Basically, this is a pharmacist whose education level is diploma. A diploma in pharmacy salary in Kenya starts from Ksh.92,100 per month. The salary includes allowances of house transport and maybe other benefits.

Industrial Pharmacist Salary In Kenya

Industrial pharmacists conduct research, tests, analysis in the development of medicines and production of pharmaceuticals and other supplies. An industrial pharmacist salary in Kenya starts from Ksh. 80,000.

Chief Pharmacist Salary in Kenya

Some of you might be wondering who is a chief pharmacist. A chief pharmacist is responsible for providing leadership and management of the pharmacy department. Chief pharmacist salary in Kenya is Ksh. 302,000 on monthly basis.

At least you have a clue of how much those professionals earn. In my own opinion, a pharmacist career is not a bad career. It is well paying compared to other jobs. Let me hope that whatever you were looking for was available.

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