Biochemistry Salary In Kenya | New

Biochemistry Salary In Kenya New

Biochemistry is one of the greatest careers in Kenya. Degree holders in Bachelor of Science in Biochemistry can work as forensic scientists in the Forensic department where they do thorough research.

Also, variety of individuals are employed in private firms such as drug companies, petroleum producers, breweries and manufacturers.

Furthermore, biochemist can also secure jobs in the government by working in the non profit organizations such as sports in Kenya.

Majority are wondering how much do biochemists get paid at the end of every month. Biochemistry starting salary in Kenya is an average of Ksh.308,000 per month. This includes all allowances that a person benefits such as hardship allowance, risk allowances, medical Allowance,among others.

Furthermore, the a professional with an advanced area of specialization, education level and work experience can earn more than the average.

Medical Biochemistry Salary In Kenya

These biochemists have specialized in the medical field.

They mainly study bacteria, viruses and fungi to understand the chemical basis of life.

They also determine the effects of chemicals on medical problems such as cancer, obesity, among others.

Medical Biochemists earn an average of Ksh.400,000 per month including all the Allowances.

Marketability Of Biochemistry In Kenya

Is Biochemistry marketable in Kenya? Yes. Biochemistry is highly marketable as it is a career that forms part of life.Also,many candidates are always absorbed by the current industries thus majority are employed.

Successful Biochemist In Kenya

The successful Biochemist in Kenya pursued Bachelor of Science in Biochemistry and molecular science earning over Ksh.780,000 per month. These is a more experienced and highly specialized biochemist who deals with more complex and advanced issues.


Biochemistry is worth studying. Passion and determination is key in this career for one to be more successful in life. In addition to that, its marketability reduces job tarmacking after graduation as you are immediately employed after school.

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