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Clinical Medicine Salary In Kenya New

Health Services are one of the basic services that is required by the society at large.

Clinical Medicine has help facilitate these services in the health amenities by focusing on the individual health, public health on communities, ecological health and the entire ecosystem.

You may be interested in knowing the basic salary for clinical officers In Kenya. The salary of a clinical medicine in Kenya varies depending on the education level, experience, among other factors.

BSC clinical medicine salary in Kenya ranges between Ksh.27,000 (lowest) and Ksh.100,000 (highest). This is the Bachelor of Science in Clinical Medicine Salary in Kenya includes all the Allowances that they benefit as clinical officers.

Clinical Medicine Degree Salary In Kenya

These are degree holders who have graduated in various learning institutions.

Clinical medicine salary for degree holders is Ksh.50,000 as their starting salary.

This salary tends to increase due to experience and promotion.

Diploma In Clinical Medicine Salary In Kenya

Diploma holders in Clinical medicine are also employed to work in various amenities.

Newly employed staff salary ranges from Ksh.27,000 to Ksh.35,000.This figures stagnate for almost four years as one gains more experience. After that, the salary increases to an average of Ksh.47,000 as the professional gain more experience.

Marketability Of Clinical Medicine  In Kenya

Is Clinical Medicine marketable in Kenya? Yes, this is a highly marketable course since there are many hospital facilities in the country which absorbs more Clinical medicine students.

There is less tarmacking after graduating from this course.

Main Roles Of Clinical Officers In Kenya

A clinical officer is a qualified staff who is licensed to practice medicine in the health facilities.

Main role played by clinical officers include:

1. Guiding and Counselling patients with different health issues.

2. Diagnose and manage illness in patients.

3. Provide appropriate medical care and attention to patients, among others.


Bachelor of Science in Clinical Medicine is a good course that is highly productive. Many patients require their skills for them to get better in terms of healthy living. Also, clinical medicine salary always rises within a short period of time after being employed.

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