Kenya Navy Salary In Kenya | Latest Rank Payscale

Kenya Navy Salary In Kenya Latest Rank Payscale

Kenya Navy is a branch of Kenya Defence force whose main role is to protect the nation from external threat from the sea, protect the states territorial waters and providing support to other security agency in Kenya.

The headquarters of Kenya Navy is in Mombasa due to the Indian Ocean which is the largest waterbody in Kenya.

Kenya navy salary per month is determined by the experience and work competence of a soldier. So, How much does a Kenya Navy earn per month? Kenya Navy salary in Kenya ranges from Ksh. 102,000 t0 Ksh. 154,000 per month.

Kenya Navy Salary Scale

Below is a salary scale of the Kenya Navy which answers the question

Kenya Navy officersSalary per month
Liutent GeneralsKsh.102,106
Commander of the Kenya NavyKsh.130,735
Admiral of the Kenya NavyKsh.927,500
Captain in the Kenya NavyKsh.154,300
Kenya Navy Salary Scale

The above salary includes all the allowances that they benefit from the government as the Kenya Navy defence force.

Kenya Navy Training

Kenya Navy training duration is determined by the title that one wants to have in the Kenya Navy.

For one to qualify to be recruited, they must pass the general conditions below:

1. Must posses Kenya National Identity Card

2. Should be in an age bracket of 18years to 26 years

3. Specialists should have at least a diploma in any course

4. Have no criminal record

5. Female candidates must not be pregnant in the recruitment day, among others.

Kenya Navy Uniform

The colour of Kenya Navy uniform varies from one person to another depending on the hierarchy.

These uniforms are sewed by highly trained personnel in tailoring and also fashion and designing. They are also paid well by the government of Kenya.

Also, it is illegal to put on Kenya Navy uniform yet you are not one of the member. Fines are posed on people who have gone against the law by dressing up on Kenya Navy uniform.


To conclude, Kenya Navy plays a major role in the country’s protection. To become one, a person needs passion and determination in order to become a successful soldier. Also, Kenya Navy salary is paid on time including all the allowances such as hardship allowance since it is a risky operation.

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