Lieutenant Salary In Kenya | New With Allowances

Lieutenant Salary In Kenya | New With Allowances

Lieutenant, at times called three-star generals, is the second highest rank in military that carry out administrative duties and assist precinct commanders and help in investigations in cases like a robbery homicide squad.

Those professionals with the post can be Vice Chief of Defense Forces, Service commander in the services or those in charge of National Defense College.

Second Lieutenant Officers lead a group of 30 soldiers in a platoon in both trainings and operations. This role is played for two to three years while they are undergoing special training.

You may wish to know the second lieutenant salary? The 2nd Lieutenant salary in Kenya is an average of Ksh.133,480 per month including all monthly allowances.

These earning can vary due to factors such as gender, experience, location, among others.

Lieutenant Colonel Salary In Kenya

Lieutenant Colonel are responsible for the overall operation of every unit in terms of welfare, military capability and general discipline.

They command unit of upto 650 soldiers therefore also known as Commanding officer.

Lieutenant Colonel salary in Kenya is average of Ksh.209,000 per month including all monthly allowances.

Lieutenant Allowances

Lieutenants are given allowances to cater for their expenses and special disadvantages associated with military life. The amount of the monthly allowances highly vary depending on the ranks in the military.

Some of the paid lieutenant allowances include:

1. Overtime Allowances.

2. Unsocial duty Hours allowances.

3. Airtime allowances.

4. Family Separation Allowances.

5. Transport Allowances.

6. Hardship Allowances.

7. Housing Allowances.

8. Medical Insurance Allowances.

Lieutenant Requirements In Kenya

Note that it takes 18 months of lieutenant training to become a Lieutenant in Kenya who has no any rank.

For one to become a Lieutenant, he or she must qualify in the following areas:

a. Be a degree or a diploma holder in any military related course.

b. Have no criminal records.

c. Be a Kenyan Citizen.

d. Must have a Kenyan National Identity card.

e. Have passion in military.

f. Must have proven the capability of willingness to join military.

g. Must be 18 years and above.

h. Must be physically and medically fit.


In the final analysis, Lieutenant in Kenya is one of the best military field that one is allowed to work freely with money. Also, a lieutenant job is a high paying job with various monthly allowances. Join Lieutenant training and enjoy the benefits after completing trainings.

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