Geomatic Engineering Salary In Kenya | New Pay

Geomatic Engineering Salary In Kenya | New Pay

Geomatic Engineering is a type of engineering that majors on designing, developing and operating systems for collecting and analyzing spatial information about both natural and manmade features.

Geomatic engineering has helped in the modern world as it is a high technique used in land surveying.

Are you curious about how much do geomatic engineers make? Geomatic Engineers in Kenya earn an average of Ksh.150,000 per month including all allowances. This salary stagnates for the first two years then its starts increasing to its maximum due to increased working experience of an individual.

Is Geomatic engineer a good career? Yes, geomatic engineering is a good career for a qualified person as it has various job opportunities in both national and international levels since it is a combination of technological and scientific studies. Also, it is worth studying as it is a high paying career around the globe.

Roles Of Geomatic Engineer In Kenya

1. Geomatic Engineers play major roles such as:

2. Collection of spatial data.

3. Analyze spatial data about natural features such as land.

4. Design and develop spatial information about land and oceans.

5. Monitoring spatial data infrastructure in the society.

6. Land surveying that is associated with property protection.

Geomatic Engineer Jobs In Kenya

Geomatic Engineering is a highly demanded career in the modern world that offers a variety of job opportunities such as:

a. Land Surveyor II at Kisii County Government.

b. Dashboard Engineer at Living Goods , Nairobi.

c. Senior or Staff Fullstack Engineer-IDE at Gitlab, Nairobi.

d. Senior or Staff Fullstack Engineer-Real Time Editing(Incubation Engineering) at Gitlab Nairobi.

e. Talent Saucer Engineering-Microsoft Kenya.

f. Survey Technician-KenGen GIS.

g. Assistant Research Officer at KEMRI.

h. Geographic System Information Officer-Siaya County Government.

Be an early applicant to secure some of these high end jobs. Good luck


Geomatic Engineering is a promising engineering field that is in demand as it uses a high-tech technology. In addition to that, the career pays well thus one makes good money in this career.

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