Geospatial Engineering Salary In Kenya | New Pay

Geospatial Engineering Salary In Kenya | New Pay

Geospatial engineering majors on using the data from technologies to closely monitor the environment for the purpose of responding to bushfires, earthquakes, floods and improving spatial questions and services.

The invention of satellites, aircrafts, UAVs and drones has been of big help in monitoring the environment.

If you are looking for how much does a GIS specialist earn in Kenya then you are at the right place. Geospatial Engineering salary in Kenya ranges from Ksh.86,720 to Ksh.120,000 per month.This is an average salary including all the monthly allowances.

Roles Of Geospatial Engineer

Geospatial engineers have the following duties:

1. They map, collect and analyze geographic data by use of modern mapping technology such as GIS and GPS.

2. Work with visualization tools to create 2D or 3D maps of building sites and other locations of interest.

3. Design interactive mapping products for computer systems and web.

4. Produce paper and electronic maps using variety of software.

5. Carry out control on final data.

6. Take measurements and make observations from aerial photographs.

7. Store data in geographic information systems (GIs)

Geospatial Engineering Jobs In Kenya

Here are some of the latest jobs that you as an engineer can apply:

a. Assistant Research Officer at KEMRI.

b. Surveyors job in Mombasa County.

c. Geospatial Manager at REREC.

d. Land, Survey and Geo informatics Director at Kakamega county.

e. Principal Land surveyor -County government Vihiga County.

f. Land surveyor at Nyandarua county.

g. Geospatial data management officer at Ministry of lands.

h. Deputy Director at Kenya Institute of Map surveying.

i. Road Surveyor,Bomet county.

j. MOD Geospatial Engineer in Kenya.

k. Public Service Commission Land Surveyor in Kenya.


Geospatial engineering is a course that is worth studying as it has very many job opportunities thus reducing unemployment levels in Kenya. Also, Geospatial engineers make good money on monthly basis. Besides, allowances are also given to cater for their expenses.

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