Governor Salary In Kenya | New Increase

Governor Salary In Kenya | New Increase

Governors in Kenya are among the highest paid public servants. In fact, I am going to tell you exactly how much do Kenyan governors earn per month including allowances they benefit.

Thereafter, you will understand why the governor position is a highly contested position during elections.

Counties were generally formed by the government to ease leadership and maintain equal distribution of government resources among its Citizens.

The head of these counties are governors who are mainly elected by the residents in that particular county.

Citizens enjoy this privilege as Kenya is a democratic state where everyone is allowed to vote for the leaders of their own choice.

Are you wondering what is the salary of governor per month? A governor salary in Kenya is an average of Ksh.584,000 basic salary. If the governor’s salary include allowances, the salary can go up to Ksh. 920,000 per month. This is an average monthly salary without any allowances included.

Governor Allowances

Allowances are given to cater for their bills. Some of the allowances include:

1. Childcare allowances.

2. Sitting allowances.

3. Housing allowances.

4. Medical insurance allowances.

5. Telephone charges, Stationery and photocopying allowances.

6. Project allowances.

7. Travel and subsistence allowances.

Governors Qualifications In Kenya

For one to qualify as a governor in Kenya, he or she must fulfill the following requirements that is needed by the Independent Electoral and Boundaries Commission (IEBC):

a. Be a registered voter.

b. Not hold dual Citizenship.

c. Be a degree holder from a recognized university.

d. Be nominated by a political party or rather an independent candidate.

e. Be a Kenyan citizen for atleast 10years before elections.

f. Have a Kenyan National Identity Card.

g. Not owe allegiance to any foreign state.

h. Not be subject to sentence imprisonment.

i. A person of sound mind.

j. Not have been removed from the public office for contravening article 75,76,77 and 78 of the constitution.

k. Should not be a public officer.


In summary, County governors benefit a lot from the government as they receive maximum basic salary together with allowance packages. Also, they enjoy other benefits like government vehicles and security.

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