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Senator Salary In Kenya New

A senator is a member of the Senate whose main roles are as follows:

1. Participate in law making by considering debating and approving bills concerning counties

2. Represent the interest of the counties and their governments.

3. Determine allocation of resources in their counties.

4. The Senate being the upper house of the parliament has many senators representing all the counties in the country.

Senator new salary in Kenya has recently increased by a higher percentage than the previous salary. Also, allowances has also increased making the Senators earn higher salary at the end of every month.

What is the monthly salary of senator in Kenya? Nominated Senator salary in Kenya is Ksh 750,000 including all the allowances that he or she benefits from the government. Also, Senators benefit from other government facilities such as security, government vehicles, among others.

Senators Allowances In Kenya

Senators are given monthly allowances to cater for their expenses.

Such allowances include:

1. House allowance Ksh.30,000

2. Medical allowance Ksh.50,000

3. Sitting allowance Ksh.50,000

4. Furniture Allowance Ksh.15,000

5. Hardship Allowances Ksh.60,000.

However, hardship allowance depends on the county that the Senator is representing.

Senator Election In Kenya

Kenya being a democratic country, citizens are allowed to vote for their political leaders. This right has helped citizens to vote for their leaders of choice without being forced.

Indepent Electoral and Boundaries Commission (IEBC) provides conditions for election of a Senator. One must satisfy the following conditions:

a. Not hold Dual Citizenship.

b. Must be a Kenyan Citizen for atleast 10years before the election.

c. Not be subject to any sentence.

d. Must be a registered voter.

e. Have a sound mind.

f. Must be nominated by the political party.

g. Must not be a bankrupt.

h. Must not been dismissed from a public office due to contravening the government articles.

i. Must have a National Identity Card.

j. Must be twenty five years and above.


Political leadership has really brought more good than harm in the country at large. Many counties have developed economically thus taking the Kenyan economy forward.

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