MCA Salary In Kenya With Allowances Latest Updates

MCA Salary In Kenya With Allowances Latest Updates

Kenya is one of the country that practices democracy. Democracy is the right where all citizens are allowed to choose their political leaders freely.

Member of County Assembly(MCA) is elected by the residents of a certain ward to act as their representatives in the County Assembly.

The main role of Members of County Assembly includes:

1. Maintaining Contact with the electorate

2. Present views of the electorates in the County Assembly

3. Attend Sessions of the County Assembly and its committees

4. Provide linkage between the County Assembly and the residents on public service delivery, among others.

Due to existence of Members of County Assembly, various wards have been able to develop in terms of economy and also other projects such as water projects, sports projects, among others.

What is the salary of an MCA has been the recent question asked by the curious Kenyan citizens. MCA salary per month has been increased highly by the government.Salary of M.C.A in Kenya is basically Ksh. 160,000 per month. This is the basic salary of an MCA in Kenya without monthly allowances.

MCA Personal Assistant Salary

MCA personal assistant plays a big role in ensuring all the projects in the county is done at the level best.

MCA personal assistant typically earns an average of Ksh. 80,900 per month. This salary includes all the allowances.

Richest MCA In Kenya

The richest MCA in Kenya is a female MCA known as Pauline Wanjira commonly known as “Wa Mabati. She engaged in the mabati business thus referred to as “Wa Mabati”.

MCA Allowances

M.C.A salary in Kenya includes all the allowances that they benefit as the Members Of the County Assembly. These allowances include:

1. Sitting allowance

2. Medical allowance

3. Hardship allowance

4. Housing allowance, and others.

Members of County Assemble enjoy other benefits such as government vehicles, among others.


In summary, Members of County Assembly have a positive impact in the Kenyan government despite them being among the least ranks in national politics. In turn, the government has increased their allowances thus earning more due to their well done tasks.

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