MP Salary In Kenya And Allowances | The Latest

MP Salary In Kenya And Allowances | The Latest

Politics in Kenya has formed the basis of political leadership in the country. Leadership has been divided into various categories with the highest being the president.

Members of Parliament are also among the political leaders who represent the 290 constituencies in Kenya. Their main roles include:

1. Represent the people of their constituencies in the National Assembly.

2. Allocation of government resources in their constituencies.

3. Establishing government projects such as tarmac roads, dispensaries, among others.

4. Makes National laws in the parliament.

5. Review the conduct of the President, Deputy President and other state officers,etc.

MP salary and allowances has increased recently by the government of Kenya due to the increased tasks allocated to them. MP basic salary in Kenya is Ksh 400,000 without any allowances being included.

Net Salary Of MP In Kenya

Net salary is the amount of money that the Member of Parliament takes home after deductions such as taxes have already been made.

Kenyan MPs salary after all deductions, which is the net salary is roughly Ksh.685,000 per month.

Mp Personal Assistant Salary In Kenya

Member of Parliament has a personal assistant who helps in executing plans and projects in the respective constituency.

Mp Personal Assistant earns an average of ksh.300,000 per month including all the allowances.

MP Allowances

Kenyan Mp payslip includes all this allowances:

1. Sitting Allowance For MPs In Kenya

  • Sitting allowance is one of the benefits that Members of Parliaments fully enjoy.
  • Sitting allowance for MPs is Ksh 100,000 per month.

Other Allowances For Members of Parliament

These allowances include

2. Housing allowances of Ksh 58,00

3. Medical Allowance of Ksh.60,000

4. Hardship Allowance of Ksh.30,000

5. Members Of Parliament also enjoy other benefits such as security, government vehicles, among others.


To sum up, MPs salaries are always paid on time with all the allowances being included. Also, Kenyan MPs salary has been raised to the maximum, therefore, vie for the MP’s post and represent your constituency.

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