How Long Does Safaricom Take To Reverse Money? Reversal Code

Since the invention of Mpesa, mobile phone transactions have become easier and simpler. Nowadays, transfers can be done at one’s leisure. Sending money via Mpesa is simple. Simply go to the SIM toolkit, click on send money, enter your phone number, Mpesa pin, and click okay.

While following the procedure, you may enter an incorrect number and the money will be transferred to the wrong user. When this occurs, a reversal must be performed. Normally, the Mpesa reversal code is 456. All that remains is for you to forward the message with the code.

It takes about 2 to 12 hours for the reversal to take place, depending on the time of the day. After forwarding the message to 456, a notification will pop after 5 minutes to tell you that they are working on the reversal. If a request was made during the night, then the reversal will be done the next morning. The given period of time answers the question: how long does it take for money to be reversed?

Mpesa Reversal Failure

Mpesa reversal failure may occur if the wrong receiver has already used the money or the period of time to make the reversal has expired. In simple terms, you have to be very keen while conducting transactions.

The Mpesa reversal time limit is 24 hours. After 24 hours of wrong transactions, Safaricom won’t be able to make a reversal for you.

That’s a quick overview of the Safaricom Mpesa reversals. If you sent the money to the wrong person, take the initiative to follow the procedure and request a reversal.

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