How Much is Lexus in Kenya | Lexus V8, RX & 570 Prices

Lexus is one of the vehicles that Toyota has never regretted producing. Lexus is a vehicle of exceptional quality. The vehicle is designed in such a way that it provides the user with some level of comfort. It comes in different designs and in new models as time passes. The vehicle is very efficient in terms of fuel consumption and is also stable on the road.

You may, however, have a desire to own a Lexus but are unsure of the cost. If this is the case, then you need not worry because you will be completely satisfied by the end of this article.

The price of a Lexus in Kenya ranges from Ksh. 800,000 to Ksh. 22,600,000. The prices will vary widely depending on the model, whether new or used, among other factors.

Brand New Lexus Price

The question of how much a new Lexus costs in Kenya may be a bother to you.

A brand new Lexus in Kenya retails at a price ranging from Ksh.3M to Ksh.22M. 

Lexus V8 Price

How much is a Lexus V8 in Kenya?

The prices range from Ksh.7,500,000 to about Ksh.11,500,000 on average. This variation is large depending on the model of the vehicle. 

Lexus 570 Price

Starting from Ksh.18,000,000 to Ksh.22,000,000, you can get a Lexus 570. In simple terms, that is the answer to the question of how much is a Lexus 570 in Kenya.

Lexus RX Price

Are you trying to find out how much a Lexus RX costs in Kenya? The Lexus RX will cost about Ksh. 3,600,000 on an average basis. 

Second Hand Lexus Price

Used Toyota Lexus prices in Kenya can be found for as low as Ksh.800,000. The prices can, however, vary depending on the seller, the condition of the vehicle, or the model. 


I hope you now have the full knowledge required about Lexus, including prices and so on. Also, let me hope that each question you asked was appropriately answered and that the answers were of great help to you. 

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