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Let us begin by understanding what M-gas is and how it works. This is a type of gas developed by Safaricom that allows you to pay for the gas while using it. Normally, you are provided with a gas cylinder, a cooker, a smart meter, as well as a key card. The gas is reliable since you can pay for it with smaller amounts like Ksh.20. 

How much is M-gas in Kenya? Perhaps that is your next question. Well, you have to the right place. Let us start by looking at the price of M-gas in Kenya.

The price of M-gas in Kenya ranges from about Ksh. 70 per 300g of liquefied petroleum gas abbreviated as LPG. That is Safaricom’s gas price on average terms.

Where to Buy M-Gas in Kenya

The Safaricom M-gas shop gives you an opportunity to take the gas for home purposes. The gas is good in terms of maintaining a clean environment in your cooking space. You should consider purchasing the gas from a Safaricom shop and be sure to get a product of high quality. 

There are a lot of M-Gas branches all over the country. The reason for the many branches is to ensure that homes have the best cooking facilities and that the gas shouldn’t run out of supply. 

M-Gas’s contact number is 0111 010 400. You can reach them for any queries that may be bothering you. 


Are you trying to find the best solution in terms of cooking while saving money and energy? Are you facing hard times in the kitchen due to experiencing smoke and soot? Well, if those are the cases, then I’ve got a remedy for your problem. And the remedy is M-gas. Buy the gas today and enjoy the benefits.

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