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When it comes to the transportation of goods, the Probox is one of the most favored vehicles. The vehicle is preferred and considered a viable option because it is extremely powerful and moves at a very high speed. The Probox is available in various models and prices. The vehicle’s interior is also spacious enough to accommodate various user requirements.

You may have a desire to at least own a Probox, but you do not know where to begin. If that is the case, you can relax because this article has you covered. Let us get started on the price of Probox in Kenya.

The Probox car price in Kenya ranges from Ksh. 500,000 to about Ksh. 2.1 million. Those figures answer the questions of how much is Probox in Kenya shillings as well as how much is Toyota Probox in Kenya. 

Probox New Model

New models are always updated and upgraded versions of the old models. This means that new models may have even stunning features that old models don’t. You may now be concerned about knowing how much the Probox new model in Kenya costs.

Probox’s new model will go at an average price of about Ksh.2M.

Probox Old Model

If you don’t wish to own a new model of the Probox, then you can consider getting yourself an old model. Due to that, you may want to know the cost of the old model.

The Probox old model price in Kenya may be around Ksh.800,000. The old model has some stunning features that make other users stick to it. 

For a fixed budget, you should consider finding cheap Probox for sale in Kenya. As a matter of fact, you can find a cheap vehicle in very good condition. Later on, you can then upgrade to a new one if you want. 

Second-Hand Probox

Consider acquiring a used Probox if you have limited cash. You can eventually upgrade to the best. In that case, you may be searching for the price of a used Probox in Kenya. The price of a used Probox will vary based on a variety of factors. Prices may vary depending on the seller, vehicle model, and vehicle’s condition.

You can purchase a used Probox for as little as Ksh 200,000 and upwards.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much is the new Probox in Kenya?

A new Probox will go at a price beginning from Ksh. 800,000 to Ksh. 2.1 million. The variations may be due to the model.

How much is a Probox engine in Kenya?

Well, you can find a Probox engine from Ksh.35,000 onwards depending on the place you are buying from. 

How much does a Probox Succeed cost in Kenya?

The Probox Succeed retails at a price ranging from Ksh.750,000 to Ksh.1.2M. The given figures show the Probox Succeed price in Kenya. 

You can get salvage probox for sale in Kenya in different regions near you at affordable prices. 


I believe that this review has provided you with the necessary knowledge you required. Also, let me hope that every answer to your questions was appropriately provided to you and was satisfactory too. If that is the case, then you should conduct the purchase without hesitation. 

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