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The PlayStation 2 was the first gaming system in the PlayStation series. Earlier in the day, the PlayStation 2 was regarded as one of the top gaming consoles. The PS2’s console was comprised of small storage devices and wired pads. The features did not, however, cause the gamers to give up gaming. PS2 is highly effective for business purposes.

Back in the day, it was a major source of income. A minimum of Ksh. 10 was required to play a game lasting five minutes. Numerous owners made substantial profits from it. Thank you to Sony for manufacturing the PS2 system.

Let’s kick in to what the main concern as well as point of interest may be. That is the question of how much PS2 is in Kenya.

The PS2 price in Kenya may be around Ksh. 10,000. The PlayStation 2 price may also vary depending on a variety of factors. Some which include; either used, new or where you are conducting the purchase from. 

PS2 games prices in Kenya will vary. The variation will be due to the type of game one is buying. In simple terms, there is no one fixed price for both games. 

Price of Secondhand PS2

If you don’t have the capability of purchasing a new PS2, then you should consider getting yourself a used one. The used one will still play a very big role as long as it is in proper condition.

Used PlayStation 2 prices may be from Ksh. 5,500 on average terms. The prices might be lower than that or higher, depending on the seller. 


I believe that you have found this review to be both useful and important. I also hope that all of the answers to your questions were provided appropriately and to your satisfaction. Now that you have clear information about PlayStation 2, nothing should prevent you from making the purchase.

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