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Dubai is a city in the United Arab Emirates with numerous job opportunities for Kenyans. Furthermore, the majority of Kenyans aspire to work abroad, particularly in Dubai. In addition, there are four leaver jobs in Dubai that do not require any additional certifications.

Are you wondering how to apply for employment in Dubai if you are based in Kenya? Consider yourself fortunate since this post was written specifically for you. Keep reading till the very end.

The following is the method you would follow to apply for jobs in Dubai from Kenya:

  1. Log in to the official UAE job vacancy portal specifically for Kenyans.
  2. Navigate to the job applications.
  3. Choose the type of job that you are highly competent at doing.
  4. Fill in the online job application form by giving your correct details.
  5. Upload the required documents as requested in the forms.
  6. Click on Submit to complete the application process.
  7. A notification will be sent to you showing the acceptance of your application.
  8. Dubai will get back to you via email showing you how to process your visa and the interview date.

This is how to apply for free visa jobs in Dubai from the comfort of your seat.

Sometimes, Dubai recruitment agencies in Kenya will also help you secure a job in Dubai. Dubai recruitment agencies in Nairobi have really helped in processing Dubai visas for Kenyans, even the  four leavers.

Dubai Jobs for Kenyan Citizens

You may also want to know about jobs in Dubai for Kenyan citizens, which are:

  1. Kenyan Community Specialist In Dubai- Pyypl.
  2. Enterprise Account Manager at Amazon Web Services Mena FZ in Dubai.
  3. Accountant jobs at Gulf Institution Dubai.
  4. Cost Accountant jobs in Confidential company Dubai.

Apply for these jobs to win a chance of working in Dubai from Kenya.


In a nutshell, Dubai is the best city to work in. Besides, they have a high money value compared to Kenya, so one is able to achieve financial freedom easily.

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