How to Apply For KCB ATM Card Effortlessly Now

The invention of the automated teller machine (ATM) has made Kenyans’ lives more interesting. ATMs allow people to complete financial transactions without having to visit a bank or a branch.

You may be stuck somewhere due to a lack of sufficient funds at times, but an ATM card comes in handy because you can withdraw from any bank agent nearby.

The question here is how to easily apply for the KCB ATM card. I’ll walk you through the specifics that will work best for you.

Guidelines on How to Apply for KCB ATM Card

Here is a step-by-step guide on how to apply for a KCB ATM card:

  1. Visit the nearest KCB bank.
  2. Carry all the required documents.
  3. Request for an ATM application form.
  4. Fill in the form correctly. Be honest to avoid inconveniences.
  5. Attach the required documents.
  6. Submit.

Note that the processing of your ATM card and payments will be automatically deducted from your KCB account. This is how you apply for a KCB ATM card.

It takes an average of five working days to get your KCB ATM card after application.

KCB ATM Card Application Checklist

Some of the requirements to carry with you include the following:

  • National Identity Card.
  • KRA pin certificate.
  • Salary statement if employed.

How to Use KCB ATM Card

Do you want to know how to use the KCB ATM card?

Swipe or desert an ATM card into the card slot, a green light will signal. Put your ATM card pin in. Money will automatically be brought forward, thus withdrawals will have been made.

How to Replace a KCB ATM Card

Perhaps your KCB ATM card expired, or rather you lost it and you cannot trace it back. Do not worry yourself, as KCB ATM card replacement can be done using this procedure.

  1. Log in to the official website of the KCB branch near you.
  2. Click on the card section.
  3. Identify the card that needs a replacement.
  4. Click on “Make a reissue ATM application.”
  5. Fill in the form correctly.
  6. Click submit.

The bank accepts the request. Your KCB ATM card will be processed and payments will automatically be deducted from your KCB bank account.

This is the simplest online method that you can use. Besides, you can visit the bank and request a replacement.

Are you curious about where the account number is on a KCB ATM card? On the front face of your ATM card, there are sixteen digits written there. That is your account number.


In brief, ATM cards play a vital role in money transactions with ease. Besides, having an ATM card will help you access everything that you want from your bank account.

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