How to Apply For KDF Specialist | Recruitment Procedure

The Kenya Defense Force not only recruits soldiers but also specialists who will give a hand in the other military sectors. KDF recruitment news today highly requests for people to make their applications through the KDF portal recruitment so as to secure high-paying jobs, making them attain financial freedom easily.

Perhaps you are passionate about becoming a KDF Specialist, yet you are stuck on how to make the application. I’ve got you covered as this article will be used as an eye opener for you as a beginner.

KDF Specialist Application Procedure

Let us get started on the procedure of how to apply for a KDF Specialist:

1.Open this link in your browser.

2. Create an account by registering on the portal.

3. Key in your details, including your valid phone number.

4. An OTP code will be sent to you for verification purposes.

5. Once your registration is complete, you can now navigate to KDF vacancies.

6. Select your preferred KDF Specialist job that you are highly competent in.

7. Fill in the KDF cadet application form.

8. Upload the required documents as requested in the application form.

9. Click on Submit to complete the application process.

10. Once you have qualified for the post, a letter will be sent to you showing the date of training and other requirements needed.

This is how to apply for a KDF Specialist in Kenya.

KDF Application Requirements

You may desire to know the KDF requirements, which include:

  1. Be a Kenyan citizen with no dual citizenship and possess a Kenyan National ID.
  2. Should be less than 30 years old and possess
  3. Have a degree or diploma in the area of specialization.
  4. Have no criminal records.
  5. Must be physically and medically fit.


Being a KDF Specialist is the best option for you because it comes with numerous additional benefits, such as high-paying salaries and monthly allowances. Furthermore, applying for a KDF specialist is simple if the proper legal procedures are followed.

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