How to Apply for Lost ID in Kenya | Solved & Explained!

Are you unable to move forward with your life because you have misplaced your national identification card? You needn’t be concerned because I’ve got your back. I will demonstrate, in as short a period of time as is humanly possible, how to replace a lost identification card without encountering any difficulties along the way.

There are two options for replacing a lost identification card: eCitizen ID replacement and Huduma ID replacement.

How to Apply for Lost ID | Huduma Centre Application

Here is the procedure for how to apply for a lost ID in Kenya:

  1. Visit the nearest Huduma Centre.
  2. You will then pick a police abstract.
  3. Present your police abstract at the Registration of Person’s desk.
  4. Fill in the ID replacement form.
  5. Attach the required documents as requested in the replacement form.
  6. Your fingerprints are then recorded.
  7. A passport photo of you is taken there.
  8. You are then given a waiting card.
  9. Collect your ID at the Huduma center where your ID application is Kenya.

How to Apply for Lost ID via eCitizen

You may as well want to know the procedure on how to replace a lost ID online. Follow the below steps.

  1. Log in to the eCitizen portal.
  2. Navigate to the ID replacement online.
  3. Click on “Apply Now”.
  4. Fill in the replacement ID form with the correct details.
  5. Attach the required documents.
  6. Print the ID replacement form.
  7. Present it to the registration person’s desk.
  8. Your passport and fingerprints will be taken by the officer in charge.
  9. You are then given a waiting card.
  10. Collect your ID when it is due at the nearest Huduma center.

This is the online Kenyan ID replacement method.

ID Replacement Requirements

You may also like to know the Huduma Centre ID replacement requirements.

  1. Birth Certificate.
  2. School leaving certificate.
  3. Copies of parents’ ID.
  4. Parents’ death certificates if they are deceased.

These are some of the Huduma Centre ID application requirements.


In conclusion, the ID replacement procedure has been simplified, making it easy to replace a lost ID in the shortest amount of time. I believe you may now begin your application to replace a lost ID.

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