How to Become a Blogger in Kenya Easily Right Now

The blogging business in Kenya is among the top untapped online businesses in Kenya, yet it has more income compared to other businesses. Besides, blogging gives you working freedom as you can work from the comfort of your home.

Be your own boss in Kenya by becoming a blogger today. You have landed yourself at the right place as you are going to learn what it takes to become a blogger in Kenya.

Needless to say, it is important to know the cost of starting a blog in Kenya so as to have a proper plan of funds. On average, it will cost you Ksh. 10,000 to host a blog in Kenya.

Process on How to Become a Blogger in Kenya

Here is the procedure on how you can become a blogger in Kenya:

  1. Select your preferred area of interest by picking a niche and writing creative topics to make it more compelling. This will help you have more people following your posts.
  2. Buy your own domain and select your preferred blogging platform. Get a domain name which will be used as an address and a domain platform that is offered as a service, such as or self-hosted.
  3. Conduct thorough keyword research. This brings you to finding solid keywords that people are actively searching for. You will end up with a long list of keywords that will make more people visit your site.
  4. Jot down your first post. Do not worry about perfection as you only need to publish your first post derived from the researched keywords.
  5. Optimize your search engines. Create a riveting SEO title and a compelling meta description. Ensure you fine-tune your texts to ensure they are readable and friendly as well.
  6. Market your blog. This will make the public more aware of your blog. Ensure to be strategic in your advertisements by mainly using social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc.
  7. Stick to your blog. Ensure you stick with it by posting more often, even though you can as well write a topic and post once a week, but never forget to post something so as to make your blog more active.

I hope I have given you a strategic procedure on how to become a blogger in Kenya.

How to Earn from a Blog

You may wish to know about how to earn from a blog in Kenya, which is done through:

  1. Affiliate marketing is where one is able to earn a commission by promoting products of other people’s companies.
  2. Advertising ads on your blog. When a person is reading your blog, there are ads displayed there, and when someone clicks on the ad, you are paid some amount of money.
  3. Offering services such as freelance writing, virtual assistance, web design, drafting, Facebook ads, among many more. Offering services is the fastest way of earning money as a blogger on Facebook.
  4. Creating your own digital products, however, requires you to have a lot of skills in order to come up with a creative design. This will earn you an income if you are a creative person.

These are some of the ways that can help you earn more income as a blogger.

Profitable Blogging Niches In Kenya

Here are some of the blogging opportunities that will help you earn fortunes:

  1. Entertainment.
  2. Education.
  3. News.
  4. Sports.
  5. Betting tips.
  6. Gadgets.
  7. Information niche.

These are highly profitable niches as they are used on a daily basis.

You may also be interested in knowing about blogging sites that pay in Kenya, which are:

  1. and
  4. Paxful.
  5. Branch and Tala.


Being a blogger earns you more income. You can also look for creative ideas in the Kenyan blogs on WordPress as they will help you to achieve success in your blogging business. I hope the article has been of great importance to you.

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