How to Become a Rally Driver in Kenya, Rally Driving Schools

If you are passionate about driving cars for competition or even for fun, then becoming a rally driver could be the best venture for you to delve into. Rally drivers undergo specific training in the rally driving schools in Kenya.

Racing cars in Kenya are designed in such a manner that they are able to maneuver even on rough roads. Safari Rally drivers in Kenya enjoy various benefits, such as traveling abroad, winning awards such as lots of money, among others.

Do you want to become a rally driver but do not know where to start? I’ve got you covered as this article will educate you on the basic informative details that you need to know.

Guidelines on How to Become a Rally Driver

Let me take you through a step-by-step process on how to become a rally driver in Kenya:

  1. Join local car clubs as there is always someone to link you up with rally clubs in Kenya. This helps you create a network with people.
  2. Get yourself a responsible and reliable mentor who will always follow up on everything you do and guide your steps. Ensure your mentor is among the rally groups.
  3. Proceed to the Safari Rally driving school in Kenya where you will be highly trained on how to drive these cars efficiently.
  4. Choose a random rally car to drive. Ensure you drive different types of rally cars so as to be more experienced. Besides, every type of rally car gives you a unique experience.
  5. Ensure your car is safe to drive. Get a scrutineer who will help in checking whether everything is good in your car before driving.
  6. Drive your rally car anytime and anywhere in order to sharpen your driving skills.

It is more fun to become a rally driver in Kenya. You can as well use these steps if you’re a starter.

Rally Driving Schools in Kenya

  1. Rally Driving Schools In Kenya
  2. Nairobi Motor Rallying Academy.
  3. Abdul Sidi Rally Academy.
  4. Kenya Motorsport Federation.
  5. Heltz Driving Academy
  6. The Automobile Association of Kenya.

These are some of the rally schools you can enroll in order to acquire the right skills.


In brief, becoming a rally driver requires you to be more determined and passionate about cars, as this is a risk-taking activity. Besides, to ensure your success, enroll in a well-known school that offers competent training skills.

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