How To Get Free Airtel Bundles Now | Fastest Data

How To Get Free Airtel Bundles Now | Fastest Data

Airtel is among the best mobile network operator in Kenya which offers 4G network services.

Million Kenya subscribers choose Airtel over other networks due to its quality services at a cheaper cost.

Airtel packages meet the needs of the customers and it ensures they get a top dope service.

Besides, free Airtel bundles are also among the top best offers given by Airtel and they include Airtel 3gb night bundles Kenya which gives you an opportunity to browse the internet freely.

Are you wondering how to get free Airtel bundles Kenya using your mobile phone? Well, I got a solution for your curiosity.

Let us get started on how to get free Airtel bundles:

Step 1: Go to google play store or use a link to download the Anonytun VPN App.

Step 2: Install the app.

Step 3: Click open.

Step 4: Press Stealth settings.

Step 5: Configure your settings.

Step 6: Click ok to save the configuration.

Step 7: Click on connect and start browsing freely.

Enjoy your free Airtel bundles by browsing with freedom.

Activate Free Airtel Bonus

You may also be interested in knowing how to activate Airtel bonus bundles to enjoy the Airtel services.

Follow this simple procedure:

1. Go to your message app.

2. SMS  get to 141 using your Airtel line.

3. A confirmation message will be sent to you that you have successfully activated your Airtel bonus.

This takes 3months before renewal. It is a good offer that one receives 100% bundles as a bonus.


Airtel gives you a chance to enjoy your life without having to spend more on airtime or data. Since modern world majors on online platforms, Airtel gives you a data package at a cheaper price that can be afforded by any person. Besides, tubonge plus is also there to give you minutes that you can use to make calls.

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